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Barbados – Caribbean Cruise Ship Main point

All activity at Barbados’ cruise ship terminal was invited to attend a standstill, alongside the eery silence of Bridgetown’s streets.
Where were last night’s party-goers in St. Lawrence Gap, the “hip” nightclub strip? Where were yesterday’s colorful beach vendors and spirited sports enthusiasts?
“Why is it so quiet everywhere?” I asked the hostess who welcomed my sister and me towards the cruise ship terminal to board our Wind Surf cruise ship.
“In Barbados we take Sunday’s seriously,” she said utilizing a smile. None of the terminal’s shops will open today. Most people are either resting, eating a household meal at your home, along with church.”
Barbados’ cruise terminal is amongst the Caribbean’s finest and (six days 7 days) busiest port facilities. It was actually recently renovated to re-create a superb island street scene of storefronts as well as having the traditional chattel houses of plantation workers.
The easternmost Caribbean island, Barbados is home to many contrasts. Its West and South Coasts are calm and palm-fringed with warm waters that lightly lap onto your golden sands.
Located on the East Coast, huge Atlantic waves crash down the rugged shore of white sand beaches and limestone cliffs. At Bathsheba Beach, the “Soup Bowl” happens to be the surfers’ choice. Crane Beach, with powder pink soft sand and dunes was named by “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” as “one of the ten best beaches on the planet”. It isn’t safe to swim there, however, because of the strong currents.
Another of Barbados’ unique and famous attractions is Harrison’s Cave, a powerful underground cave of stalactites, waterfalls and pools illuminated by colored lights. Visitors of any age are fascinated as a type of electric tram carries them underground.
Meadows of golden sugar cane and historic plantation houses are a short beat it from the bustling port of Bridgetown.
Tours of these houses provide an excellent insight into it’s useful life of the island’s early European settlers, who established tobacco, cotton and sugar cane plantations.
To have an”off-the-beaten” path Island Safari , hop on top of 4×4 Land Rover in order to form an exceptional jeep convoy. Then, hang onto your seats all day to discover spots inaccessible to tour buses.
Or, rent a taxi to explore the island’s natural wonders in air-conditioned comfort. Our expert taxi driver, Patrick Clarke, negotiated the complex network of back roads to places others often miss: spectacular flower gardens; Welchman Hall Gully, a national park that’s a birdwatcher’s paradise; breathtaking views that are caused by the top of Cherry Tree Hill and Gun Hill Signal Station.
While assimilating the views, we had our first taste of flying fish, a delicious national dish and island emblem which can be sampled at nearly any Barbadian restaurant.
Some visitors prefer to have a look at other adventures by discovering Barbados’ secrets on horse-back, mountain bikes or on foot.
“Flightseeing” within a helicopter also offers a special full circuit perspective of a given 166-square mile island.
Barbados was obviously a British colony until 1966, when it gained full independence, even though it continues to be linked to the Commonwealth. A large amount of the island’s charm is supplied by that relationship.
For example, cricket is its national sport, with major social significance. It’s possible to catch a game of cricket almost anytime-an international match, an amicable game on the beach, inside an open pasture or village field. In the end of the match, loaf around to enrol among the celebration!
Since Barbados is typically a flat coral island, unlike its steep-sided volcanic neighbors, for scuba divers it provides fringes and reefs blossom with healthy sponges, coral and vegetation. Wrecks form fascinating habitats for marine life and Barbados has several excellent sites for wreck diving.
Also you can swim using the turtles as they feed among the many coral. If you’re in Barbados at the right time you could even use a moonlight tour to view turtles nesting. Pregnant turtle lay their eggs in the soft sand along the shore. In the event the baby turtles hatch, they emerge that are caused by the sand and hastily make their way into the safety of a given sea.
Bubble Adventure is undoubtedly an innovative new dive company that focuses on giving children (including those with disabilities) a method to explore the underwater experience either in their personal hotel’s seashore or in the sea.
Many hotels offer other fun in the sun activities including waterskiing, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing and sport fishing.
The Atlantis submarine adventure is yet another underwater adventure that reveals a kaleidoscope of exotic fish and marine life.
For golfers, Barbados offers several luxurious golf courses. The first championship public sports facilities opened in June 2000 as well as having the five-star Sandy Lane Hotel added two 18-hole courses in 2001 to produce a total of 45 holes of championship golf.
The island’s single greatest natural resource is its warm and friendly people. The Barbadians (also known as “Bajans”) are proud and eager to share their rich cultural heritage, that we inherent the spontaneity of the music and laughter.

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