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Best Tips for Family Vacation: St Croix

If you’re planning a family holiday, it may be unique an area which can make everyone happy. The adults may desire holiday packed with relaxation and leisure, even though the kids do prefer a trip filled activities and adventure. What really will you do?
Well my loved ones is amazingly familiar with this condition. We always travel inside a huge group, including siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents… the whole of the shebang! Therefore how do we accommodate everyone’s different likes and interests?
Well about 25 years back we discovered excellent solution – SAINT CROIX!
St. Croix literally has something to offer for everybody.
Located in the midst of a given warm Caribbean Sea, St. Croix (pronounced St Croy) is well known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and peaceful atmosphere. Fact is that there are also tons of great activities, restaurants, shopping, and adventures on hand!
What are the very best houses in which to go as soon as your on St Croix? Here are the top 3 places that keep my whole family happy when we’re travelling…
1) Hotel upon the Cay – they tend to have a Water Sports Center at the end of the beach that has parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, and of course the list moves on…Plus there’s a beachside restaurant and bar for the individuals who just want to relax and calm down on the beach.
2) Cane Bay Beach – Cane Bay beach offers something for all. The water is calm and clear which means that items are ideal for younger swimmers and those who want to go snorkeling. There’s an excellent restaurant and bar next door called ‘Eat’ for when you’ve got hungry. And Cane Bay Dive Shop is likewise located right across the street and that they provide scuba diving expeditions, scuba diving lessons, snorkeling gear, underwater cameras, and all sorts of fun stuff!
3) The Buccaneer – definitely one of my family’s favorite spots on the island. The coast is great and full of comfy chaise lounges. Plus there’s a water sports center, basketball court, a grass field for soccer or football etc, and superb beachside restaurant.
So whether you want an energetic vacation where one can:
fishscuba divejet skihikehorseback ridesnorkelparasailkayakgolf

Or you’re searching for a comfortable trip where you can:
eat delicious foodbask on beautiful beachesswim inside the oceanget spa treatmentsdrink cruzan cocktailssunbathe

Saint Croix is for you! We’ve travelled to several different islands inside the Caribbean and St. Croix certainly is the best Caribbean vacation for the whole family.
Accordingly should you want an ideal place for the next family vacation, bring it made from a family that had the experience… St Croix is where to end up!

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