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Greetings from the Bahamas – Their land of Beaches!

Do you think the Bahamas is the land of beaches? Of course it is. The Bahamas, an English-speaking nation in the Caribbean Sea, would be the only country within the Americas that have 700 islands and a pair of,300 rocky islets and reefs, but thanks to this it has more beaches and natural pools compared to the Dominican Republic, Portugal, France and other nations.
This country — which conserves 30% of its territory intact — has numerous of the world’s most lovable beaches, lots of world-class resorts, aquatic parks and shopping centers — millions of dollars have already been spent in my last decades on reforming the country’s travel industry. Certainly remember this is a unique place on the planet.
The nation remains perhaps one of the Caribbean’s two richest countries, before even Cuba and Puerto Rico. The country’s per capita income of $ 20,000 is $ 3,500 more than this of Spain. With this context, it provides the tourist all magic of their land, traditions and everyday people.
Approximately six million foreign visitors arrive among the Bahamas annually. Citizens of the State aren’t required a visa.
This country is also known as the “fishing capital around the world”. These islands attract fishing enthusiasts from America and from worldwide. Many world fishing records have also been constructed in The Bahamas since 1940. On May 5, 1998 Richard Evans caught a massive dolphin — the very best dolphin catch of recent years.
There is no surprise about why today’s tourists love The Bahamas or why the film-makers of that films as “Flipper’s New Adventure” ( 1964 ), “Worldwide Below the Sea” ( 1966 ), “The Day considering the Dolphin” ( 1973 ) , “For your own personal Eyes Only” ( 1981 ), “Cocoon” ( 1985 ), “Flipper” ( 1996 ) and “Casino Royale” ( 2006 ) chose to shoot their films located on the island.
Nassau — The Pearl considering the Caribbean
Nassau — the national capital — is one of the most exciting “most visit” places inside the Caribbean, where you are able to find something for all, from amazing beaches, yachting holidays, friendly people and restaurants to golf and tennis courses. Remember this is a tropical paradise located only 80km to the South of Florida. It really has gotten the commercial aura of popular international resorts as Honolulu, Tahiti, and Cannes.
The avenues of Nassau are lined with graceful palm tress, gardens, shops, cafes, pubs, and modern office buildings. At Nassau’s top restaurants, visitors can savour seafoods from many parts of the world.
Nassau — it’s situated on the Providence island — is basically a multicultural city noted for its vibrant nightlife
and hospitality, where white people, mestizos and black people from all social strata, ladies and men of any age, reside in total harmony.
This metropolis is additionally laced with most of the world’s most amazing resorts. These resorts have been visited by famous people such as the Princess Diana, Matt Damon, Dayana Mendoza, Andy Garcia, and Mariah Carey. The resorts are nestled amidst many of the world’s loveliest beaches — crystal-clear, tropical vegetation and white sand. Each resort is basically a perfect area to relax and revel in the many choices about fun in the sun as well as other traditional sports. And all this with the use of a big advantage: a few miles from Nassau International Airport ( considered one of the better of a given Americas ).
The Abacos – Ability to Watersports
It — famous for the jewel-like colours of the sea — products perfect conditions regarding the practice of fun in the sun , making it an exciting area for visitors. In Abacos, just for instance, you can see most people looking into beach. All of them share the country’s passion — sailing.
The individuals of Abacos are proud that their island is the home of famous sailors, which can include Percival Knowles, Godfrey Kelly, Basic Kelly, Robert Eardles, Kenneth Albury, Sloan Farrington, Cecil Cooke and Durward Knowles ( who won a gold medal along at the 1964 Summer Olympics in all asia).These sailors helped make Abacos probably the most famous marines on the earth.
In Marsh Harbour, perhaps one of the major places in this tropical paradise, there may be excellent marines. It’s a perfect place for water sports lovers! In addition to offering excellent marines, Marsh Harbour has fashionable shops, seafood restaurants, and cultural centers.
The Blue Lagoon Island – The Kingdom of Dolphins.
If you do in fact like marine mammals, go to the Blue Lagoon, a scientific and recreational beach holiday. This place is world-famous due to its dolphins, essentially the most intelligent mammals on this planet. It has been now possibly one of the country’s biggest attractions, when year hundreds of thousands of persons reached swim and play with dolphins – an intimate contact with marine nature.
There many fun in the sun facilities, shops, cafes, bars and exotic restaurants here which you could relax. This place is recommended for little ones.
Paradise Island – A vacation Resort
Spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, amazing hotels, and clean restaurants get the Paradise Island — it’s on the brink of the capital city city of one’s Bahamas — one of the favorite year-round playgrounds of one’s Caribbean. The island is widely legally possibly the most beautiful scenery among the all The Bahamas.
This island — whose beauty allow it to be apear a miniature Hawaii — even offers tons of opportunities for waters sports. Many beaches are good for snorkeling, scuba diving — well liked outdoor activity –, swimming and fishing. The island has also excellent snack bars, souvenir shops and restaurants. There are lots of restaurants serving high-quality international cuisine.
Grand Bahama Island – The Modern Tropical Garden
All the things you can imagine might get adventure in this particular magic island. There’s a lot beautiful scenery to view — lovely beaches, ecological sites, and tropical gardens. Perhaps one of the world’s largest underwater cave systems are within the island. This ecological site continues to be declared national heritage. The island’s salt waters are often the home of fascinating fishes, birds and plants.
The island has essentially the most modern and advanced resorts — inbuilt the Hawaiian style — within the Caribbean, located between stunning beaches and exotic gardens, which you could practice nautical sports or you can also walk around the shops. With this atmosphere, you’ll find that the people terribly friendly in every those places.
Without a doubt, it is really one of the prettiest islands within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
San Salvador – A world-Famous Landmark
If you really like historic sites, visit San Salvador, a beautiful old seaside town, with rich history, stunning beaches and street markets. It’s nearly 520 yrs of age.
Christopher Columbus first set foot within the New World on San Salvador in October 1492. Today it, one of the many island’s oldest, serves as a national historic site, and an open-air museum. The island has at the very least four memorials in honor of Christopher Columbus. The monuments would be the most photographed spots upon the island. San Salvador is also laced with the normal wildlife considering the region.
Andros Island – An exceptional Natural Area
Island of lovely landscapes, secluded beaches, tasteful food, and wonderful climate. It has an amazing selection of barrier reefs on earth — perhaps one of the natural wonders among the Caribbean considered one of the country’s loveliest national parks. The full island is basically buzzing currently.
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