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Huntsville Cajun Seafood Restaurant – Po’ Boy Manufacturing facility

Attempting to find a really authentic Cajun seafood restaurant may be a difficult and frustrating surf for anyone aside of New Orleans. But if you are willing to have a home in Northern Alabama you’re in luck, because there’s a Huntsville Cajun seafood restaurant that will cause you to think you’ve been transported returning to the French Quarter. It’s called the Po’ Boy Factory, and its situated within 815 Andrew Jackson Way, in the Five Points spot of Huntsville. It’s one in all Huntsville’s best kept secrets, because even though it’s only a brief drive from any part of town, it isn’t located in one of the many super crowded restaurant rows.
For you who’s sick and tired with the best national chains, and is hankering for your real taste of authentic New Orleans Cajun seafood, Po’ Boy Factory management of begining you make the trip to in the future you eat everyday out. Naturally, with a name like Po’ Boy Factory, certainly one of their specialties may be that famous sandwich, so you can’t get anything else like them within the Northern Alabama area. Their po boys are available in great deal of different varieties, like traditional favorites of shrimp, catfish, oyster and crawfish. Unable to form up your mind, you can obtain half a and half of any two of earlier. However that is merely the tip of the iceberg – they also have po boys made out of grouper (blackened, grilled, or fried), mahi mahi, Caribbean jerk chicken, hot sausage, roast beef with gravy, Philly steak, chicken fingers, soft shell crab (in season), plus a club po boy with ham roast beef and turkey. Amazingly, many groups of people have tried them all.
And which would a Cajun restaurant be without muffaletta sandwiches? Po’ Boy Factory provides them too, and wait ’til you taste only one of these great sandwiches, created with authentic Gambino’s Olive Salad. These eight inch round sandwiches are a meal in themselves, stuffed with ham, salami, and pastrami, along with both mozzarella and provolone cheese. You might not have the capacity to finish everything unexpectedly, however you won’t leave any for the restaurant, simply because products are positively addicting.
There’s a great number of to select from along at the Po’ Boy Factory, so you’ve actually been there you will definitely to seek out yourself returning time and again to experiment with everything located on the menu. Sure, they’ve got hamburgers and cheeseburgers for practically any Yankees who happen to be passing through Huntsville, but that’s not why the majority of folks eat there. No, it’s regarding the po boys, the muffalettas, the gumbo, the red beans and rice, the ettoufee, as well as having the jambalaya. Or what about a dinner basket of catfish, shrimp, crab, scallops, crawfish, oysters, or possibly gator meat? Yes, you read that right! When’s the past time you saw that on a menu? I haven’t had the courage to check out it myself, but if it’s anything like the other Po’ Boy Factory menu, it isn’t doubt delicious.
Now if you have been dying to get some real Cajun seafood in Huntsville, Alabama, get the short drive to the five points area for a dinner you would not soon forget. The Po’ Boy Factory is arguably one of Huntsville’s best kept dining secrets right now, but it can hardly be for very long.

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