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Why Choose Antigua and Barbuda for your chosen Caribbean Holiday

Antigua and Barbuda are situated within the Eastern Caribbean in the middle of the Leeward Islands. With temperatures ranging within the mid-seventies inside the cold months of winter into the mid-eighties during the summer, these islands are perfect for a vacation, regardless of what the calendar says. They’re the sunniest considering the Eastern Caribbean Islands, and similar to most of the islands, they have low humidity along with a continuous cooling breeze blowing in that are caused by the northeast.
Now why choose Antigua and Barbuda of every considering the Caribbean islands?
Is it coincidence there presently exists twelve months every year and 365 sandy beaches? The beaches are comprised of white and pink sand in case the individual go to one a day for getting a year, it would be pure bliss. The fluids is sparkling clear as well as having the pure color of turquoise. Barbuda boasts a 17-mile stretch of pink shell beach that used to be well liked of Princess Diana.
Antigua and Barbuda certainly are a two for one deal, allowing you each destinations in the proximity of only one. They are definitely only four hours travel beginning with the States coastline and simply per hour along with a half boat adventure among the two. The locals are friendly and helpful, and since English happens to be the native language, you won’t have any communication issues.
Background and culture are abundant located on the islands. Take pleasure in the yearly Carnival celebration and authentic Caribbean cuisine to go to a few of the large number historical sites, which can include Betty’s Hope sugar mill, St. John’s Cathedral, and Nelson’s Dockyard. The characteristic splendor the island extends outside the beaches and into the rainforest. Make sure to visit the Frigate Bird Sanctuary and Devil’s Bridge. Underground caves at Indian Town are a stunning sight and thought to give you the ability to Guadeloupe.
Antigua and Barbuda are perfect for every age brackets. Family friendly activities keep the kids entertained and water adventures abound, including scuba, snorkeling, boating, and much more. For your past couple of years, Antigua continues to be named one of the best place for weddings and has also been ranked by Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine just like the Best Island for Celeb Spotting. You could possibly be pampered in luxurious spas or win big with the largest casino on this side considering the Caribbean. Shopping is duty-free and sailing is really as common as driving an automobile.

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